Meet The Team

We are building a fantastic, experienced squad, with fantastic, experienced staff.

From previous world title winners through to professionally qualified individuals we have the best leading the way. See below who is leading Great Britain Jujitsu and taking the team into the future…

The Directors
Michael McGarry

Mike has been training in the art of Jujitsu for over 45 years now. First earning his black belt back in 1985... 

He is the current president of the WCJJO (world council Jujitsu Organisation) and is the current Director for Great Britain Jujitsu. He has fought around the world, including, Switzerlands, Florida, Las Vegas, Mongolias, Israel, Greece, Australia, France, Belgium, Croatia and Germany! Mike has won countless trophies on the international and regional platform. He is one of only a few current, active 8th Degree Coral belts, still on the circuit within the UK.
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Adam Phillips

Adam started Jujitsu 11 years ago under the guidance of Michael McGarry at Kyouken MMA & Jujitsu... 

After winning the AMA Nationals for 2 years, he was invited by Head Coach, Paul Grant, to train with the GB Squad, to compete in Geneva in 2015. Adam would go on to win 4 x silver WCJJO world medals. He us currently a purple belt under BJJ coach, Trevor Birmingham, from T.Birmingham Academy. He is also a 3rd degree black belt under Alexei 'Boom' Roberts and Mike 'Maddog' McGarry from Kyouken MMA and Jujitsu.
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Alex Gee

Alex 'Tiny' Gee has been part of the GB Squad since Vegas, back in 2003. Alex is hard to miss, not only in stature but in friendliness and hilarious 'Dad Jokes'. 

Tiny has fought and represented the GB squad, on no less than 8 separate occasions. His gentle nature is not to be taken lightly, there have been many occasions where he turns red and it's bacon hammer time! Tiny trains in multiple martial arts, including Japanese Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Savat and K1Kickboxing, he is also a keen hockey player!
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The Coaching Team
Marc Rideout
Head Coach
Max Robinson
Head Coach (Youth)

Max has been a member of the Great Britain Jujitsu Squad for many years now, first, back in 2000...

then in 2019 where he won the World Masters Title in Orlando, Florida, USA & then retaining his Sports JuJitsu World Title & adding the NeWaza World Title as well in 2023 in England.  In 2022 Max was appointed Assistant Coach to the GB JuJitsu Team, then in 2023 he was appointed as Head of Youth Development & Head Coach to the GB JuJitsu Youth Squad,  travelling the country training the GB squad and looking to spot new talent coming through to take on to the International circuit with Team GB.    Max is a Director of Owen & Ewing Insurance Brokers in Accrington, Lancashire. He lives in Oswaldtwistle with his wife Louise and son Zac, who is also an instructor at the club, and a member of the Senior GB Elite Squad. Veteran of many National and International martial arts competitions. 1996 : Bronze – British Open Championships. 2000 : Gold - National Champion - British Open Championships Silver - Team Grappling – World Sport JuJitsu Championships 2001 : Gold - National Champion – British Open Championships Silver - UK Open Championships 2002 : Gold - National Champion – British Open Championships 2006 : Gold - Northern Area Championships Gold - Lancashire Open Judo Championships 2019 : Gold - World Masters Champion - WCJJO World Championships Silver - JuJitsu BJJ Grappling - WCJJO World Championships Bronze - Team Event Spts JuJitsu – WCJJO World Championships 2022 : Gold – National Masters Champion - GB Nationals Sport JuJitsu Silver – GB Nationals - Jujitsu Grappling BJJ. 2023 : Gold – World Masters Sports JuJitsu Champion - WCJJO World Championships Gold - World Masters NeWaza Grappling Champion – WCJJO World Championships Silver - Team Event Sports Jujitsu – WCJJO World Championships 2023 : Bronze – JJIF European Championships - Croatia
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Carla Townsend
Head Womens Coach
Carla Townsend
Head of Duo

The ”Heads Of…”
Dave McFarland
Head Referee

Dave has been doing martial arts for over 40 years and has experience in both training and competing at all levels...

Dave is currently graded at 3rd Dan. He started competing nationally in 1993, winning silver at the 1994 sport Ju-Jitsu grand prix, 2 x bronze & 2 × gold for ground fighting between 1995-1999,1 × silver AMA Nationals sport Ju-Jitsu 2016, 1 × bronze WCJJO sport Ju-Jitsu 2017 & 2 × bronze WMAC traditional katana Kata 2021. Dave is the owner of his own Dojo, Shinka Ju-Jitsu Academy in 2017 and has been involved with the GBJ as a squad member since 2016 and was promoted to Head of Referees for the GBJ in 2022.
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Shinka JujitsuShinka JujitsuShinka JujitsuShinka Jujitsu
Jon Norbury
Head of Safeguarding

Jon has been training in Martial Arts for the last 39 years, starting at the age of 4. He holds multiple black belts... 

with his highest grades of 6th Dan in both traditional Ju-Jitsu and Freestyle Karate. Over the years he has competed at national and international level in Judo, Ju-Jitsu and Karate/Kickboxing. Winning various national titles and this year, winning gold in the WCJJO lightweight masters Sport Ju-Jitsu World Championships. He has a strong interest and belief in self defence and is also a former conflict trainer to Surrey Police. He works full time as a Paramedic, which fuelled his interest in safeguarding and protection of children and vulnerable adults.
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Tara Brundred
Head of Safeguarding
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Steve Scadden
Head of Club Memberships

Steve is the owner of Revolution Martial Arts Academy. He is a 4th-degree black belt in Traditional Jujitsu, appointed by the BMABA...

(British Martial Arts and Boxing Association). Steve's role within the GBJ as ''head of Club Relations'' is to firstly bring numerous gyms and clubs together from around the UK and secondly look for potential talent within these venues to help fighters reach their potential, with the ultimate goal of competing at the highest level by representing their country. Ultimately, Steve aims to supply the Great British Team with world-class athletes.
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Revolution Martial Arts
Jay Kay
Head of Funding

Having been a part of combat sports for nearly 15 years from boxing, kickboxing and Taekwondo, Jay has settled down...

in bringing all of it together with Jiu Jitsu and MMA and is looking to support GBJ in its quest to become the forefront of Jiu jitsu in the UK. Jay brings a wealth of business knowledge having worked in business sales and currently a Director of a global cyber security company, he is looking to grow the funding and investment arm for GBJ, and looking to obtain for the team and fighters, in light of the potential olympics bid.
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Samantha Baron
Head of Anti-Doping

Being a competitive athlete for most of her life, Samantha began studying traditional Japanese Ju-jitsu in 2000.

Being a competitive athlete for most of her life, Samantha began studying traditional Japanese Ju-jitsu in 2000. A 1st Dan Black Belt, Samantha competed in national and international-level competition in 2022 and 2023 securing national and world titles in Ne-Waza as a Masters’ Athlete. Ceremonies, Field of Play and Anti-doping experience gained at Major Events (2 x Commonwealth Games, numerous World Triathlon events) coupled with professional education expertise makes Samantha’s skill set a great addition to the team
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