Every 2 years the WCJJO put on a world championship event, last time it was America, before that, Australia, this year – it’s the UK’s turn!

The WCJJO is an international Sports Jujitsu federation and this year they’re putting on a competition at the Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall.

This is not an Open, so you will need to be invited to participate in the event.

The WCJJO ruleset is not the same as the JJIF – so it is worth reading up on the rules prior to showing an interest or entering.

The event will be held from the 10th August until the 13th August, with a banquet in the evening of the 13th.

The Itinerary:

  • 10th August – weigh in and rules meeting
  • 11th August – masters sports jujitsu and grappling
  • 12th August – Individual event for sports jujitsu and grappling
  • 13th August – Team event for Sports Jujitsu and Grappling
  • 13th August – (evening) Banquet and awards


The banquet does have a cost of £50 per person. The dress code is formal/smart.

Starter – Carrot and Coriander Soup served with bread roll and butter.

Main Course 50/50 – (alternating per person on each table).

  • Roast Chicken Breast in white wine with cream, mushrooms and finished with tarragon.
  • Slow Braised Steak in rich Merlot sauce and chestnut mushrooms, sweet cured smoked bacon & Thyme.

both served with chefs’ choice of vegetables & potatoes.

Dessert – Apple and Damson lattice pie served with vanilla custard.

Plus – 2 bottles of red and white wine are included for each table of 10.

This will be followed by an evening of awards and disco – time to unwind!

The venue for this year’s banquet will be Walsall Football Club.

To show an interest and be considered to represent the GB Squad for the WCJJO world championships, please complete the form below.

By adam phillips

Adam is one of the Directors for Great Britain Jujitsu. Winner of several AMA Sports Jujitsu and Grappling National tournaments and has represented the GB Squad 2 times, winning 3 world WCJJO Silver medals and 4 WCJJO Bronze.

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