We are very proud to have Sensei Tara Burndred, owner and founder of Tatsu Dojo – join us at Great Britain Jujitsu. We are always looking to help support clubs and academies – today we take a little insight into the Tatsu Dojo.

The Tatsu Dojo Story

”In 2013 I set up a community interest company called Breathe UK Training. With the help of the People Power Fund, Staffordshire police and Staffs Moorlands District Council, we now have a project that helps inspire people to achieve their goals, no matter what stage of life they are at.

From 5yrs to 95yrs old – all are welcome to work with the team.  The major part of Breathe is the TATSU DOJO, a well-being and martial arts centre.

The dojo opened its doors Jan 2014 following the championships in September and has had over 1200 people using the facilities since it opened.

Children’s self-defence and Jujitsu classes have grown so much over the past year and we are now looking for further classes to open. The children compete in the Nationals competition, last year we had 15 entries and came away with 10 medals. I am now looking to the future to keep the sport of Jujitsu going on to the next generation and recently we had our next generation of black belts, 6 in all. These classes help with self-worth, anti-bullying, teamwork, fitness and general well-being for the children, as well as being fun.

We run a fitness and well-being class for the community too. This is a combination of Jujitsu exercises, mixed with mainstream movements, like kettlebells and Pilates.

The fitness classes have now been introduced to alternative provision schools. Working with children less fortunate has been rewarding seeing individuals grow and enjoy being taught something new. The Tatsu is the first organisation to be teaching self-defence in mainstream schools in Staffordshire, and Tara continues to be a leader in her business sector.

I tutor, mentor and teach private individuals looking for her help. I love helping people with anti-bullying and self-confidence issues. Tara has set up a ladies self-defence course which will be happening this summer and has already proved very popular with people booking in already.”

Tara’s Personal Achievements:

1984 Junior Black Belt

1984 Silver Medal in Demonstration of Weapons for Ju Jitsu

1990 Senior Black Belt 1st Dan

1991 NVCQ Ju Jitsu Coach

1992 Selected for Great Britain Ju Jitsu Team

1992 Senior Black Belt 2nd Dan

1993 Silver Medal in the BJJGB (British Ju Jitsu Governing Body) World Championships

1994 Documented Student of Master Soke Hayabachi 7th Dan Ju Jitsu

1995 Italy, 5th Place IJJF (International Ju Jitsu Federation) European Championship, re selected GB Team

1996 Greece, 4th Place IJJF European Championships

1996 Senior Black Belt 3rd Dan

2013 Selected for England Team

2013 Bronze National Championships

2013 Gold Medal World Championships (open weight champion of the world)

2014 Awarded 4th Dan Black Belt TKJJA (Tatsu Kai Ju Jitsu Academy) Sensei Neil Hulme from BKJJA

2015 Selected for GB Team

2015 Silver Medal Nationals Grappling

2015 Bronze Medal Nationals Sport Ju Jitsu Runner up for the Stoke on Trent

2015 Sports Personality Awards;

2015 Highly Recommended Award by the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce    for Best Start Up Company

2015 Gold and WCJJO (World Council Ju Jitsu Organisation) BJA (Brazilian JuiJitsu Association) Masters World Champion and Silver medal middleweight BJA

2016 Personal Trainer and Nutritionist qualification.

2020  Qualified Tai Chi instructor and Sports massage

2021 16th Feb awarded 5th Dan by Andy Morrell CMAA

As you can see – Tara’s success is extensive! We are really lucky to have and the club with the GBJ – Welcome!

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By adam phillips

Adam is one of the Directors for Great Britain Jujitsu. Winner of several AMA Sports Jujitsu and Grappling National tournaments and has represented the GB Squad 2 times, winning 3 world WCJJO Silver medals and 4 WCJJO Bronze.

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