Shinka Jujitsu opened July 2017.

The name Shinka means “to progress or evolve”.

The chief of Shinka Jujitsu is Mr. Dave McFarlene, who is also GB Squad member who competed in America 2019 and Australia 2017.

Dave is currently graded at 2nd Dan (2000), who was promoted by the head of the grading panel ,Shihan Ken Culshaw (ratified/recognised by the AMA).

Dave’s national competition life started in 1993, winning silver at the 1994 sport Ju-Jitsu grand prix, 2 x bronze & 2 X gold for ground fighting between 1995-1999,1 X silver AMA Nationals & 1 X bronze WCJJO.

Dave currently looks after 40 club members, most of whom have competed at the AMA Nationals in the past.

He has several kids, children’s, youths and adults classes and caters for all abilities!

Check out Shinka Jujitsu Here –

And of course check their Facebook Page out too!

By adam phillips

Adam is one of the Directors for Great Britain Jujitsu. Winner of several AMA Sports Jujitsu and Grappling National tournaments and has represented the GB Squad 2 times, winning 3 world WCJJO Silver medals and 4 WCJJO Bronze.

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