We are a family-run club that was established in 2016. From the minute you arrive, you will be welcomed and feel like part of the family. Our instructors are athletes in the GB Squad and have over 70 years of experience in various martial arts disciplines.

Our chief instructor is the British Champion in JIU-JITSU, a World Champion Fighter ranked 3rd in the world, so you can be assured and confident that you will receive the best possible training. Revolution train champions. We have athletes who compete in the cage, on the mats, in freestyle, and in the Gi. Revolution is also a feeder club to join the GB squad, so if you have what it takes, you could represent your country. You will learn an array of kicks, strikes, blocks, locks, throws, takedowns, controls, and submissions. We have classes to suit men, women, and children from the age of 4 years old. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level, we have the training program to suit your requirements.

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