This year, (covid restricting) we will be hosting our very first GBJ Nationals!

We are reviewing a couple of locations at the moment and will let you know the whereabouts as soon as we have it confirmed. We are expecting to have it in June 2022 and we expect it’ll be around the middle of England.

The national competition will have 2 main disciplines – Grappling and Sports Jujitsu.

We all know about grappling, we will start from standing, the object of the game, dominate your opposition and submit. Submission – wins everything.

Sports Jujitsu is a little lesser known. We are trying to push this sport and are working very closely with other international organisations to make this even bigger than it already is.

The aim: Strike, take-down, submit.

The best way to look at Sports Jujitsu is ”a bit of a scrap, bit of a ding dong….but I have got work Monday!”

Striking isn’t supposed to be full contact, we are reviewing and working with several federations in terms of how hard to strike and where to strike. Points are awarded for successful strikes to certain strike zones. When taken to the floor, you have 30 secs before the ref stands you up again. You can score a maximum of 3 points to strikes whilst on the floor, but you must be on top (dominating) in order for any strikes to be considered successful.

There are 3 points refs, 1 main ref and a table who keeps track of time and any penalties.

After each round of combat, the ref will ask the point scorers who they have as winning the round (unless a submission has been completed, in which case, the points are irrelevant) There are 2 rounds, with a 3rd to be fought if both fighters win a round each.

In sports Jujitsu, you can kick, punch, throw, choke, strangle, lock joints and sweep your opponent. You cannot strike to the back (inc. the spine and head). You cannot use elbows or knees. You are not allowed wreckless strikes for example, blind techniques (when you are not looking or cannot see your opponent).

The sport is designed to keep competitors in (reasonably) good nick and is more than ‘just the ground work’ or just boxing/kickboxing.

We love the sport and want to progress it and are determined to make 2022 our year to really shake things up and spread Sports Jujitsu. Grappling and/or BJJ is already a very successful sport in its own right so doesnt require any furthr introduction.

We invite ANYONE and EVERYONE to get involved. We have brilliant kickboxers and amazing BJJ’ers. The sport, can be manipulated to your strengths/weaknesses.

Hope to see you all very soon, lets make 2022 an incredible year, can’t wait to see you all very soon!

Zac in action at the WCJJO world championships in 2019

By adam phillips

Adam is one of the Directors for Great Britain Jujitsu. Winner of several AMA Sports Jujitsu and Grappling National tournaments and has represented the GB Squad 2 times, winning 3 world WCJJO Silver medals and 4 WCJJO Bronze.

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