GBJ are very pleased to look forward to an exciting 2023. Having put British fighters on the JJIF circuit for the first time in 2022, we are now looking to drive the sport of jujitsu further this year. There are many European events this year, and we are currently targeting the following overseas events:

· Paris GP and Open – April 20th
· German Open – Late September (tbc)
· European Championships, Croatia – Nov 22nd

(We are also looking at the World Championships in Mongolia in July, but the logistics of that location mean we still need to decide how viable that is for a team to attend.)

Domestically, in addition to our national championship we have the following:

· Welsh Open – April 2nd
· WCJJO World Championships – 9-14th August

The important thing for us is to grow the sport both by increasing grass roots participation and driving top level performance, and recent trips to Greece and Belgium have made it clear that there is tremendous potential to expand.

To support this expansion, we are making some changes both to our structure and our way of working.

The New Line Up

Firstly, we have now appointed the following roles:

· Adam Phillips – Director, Business and Operations
· Mike McGarry – Director, Development
· Alex Gee – Director, Performance
· Paul Grant – Head Coach and Men’s team coach
· Tara Bundred – Women’s team coach
· Dave McFarland – Head of Officials
· Marc Rideout – Head of Juniors
· Carla Townsend – Head of Demo
. Jon Norbury – Safeguarding Officer

The Training:

As always, we welcome involvement form everyone in this. We would be happy to hear from anyone who wants to become more involved in developing a world class team.

Secondly, with the increased number of tournaments we are planning to switch from our squad session structure to running seminars. It will still be the same 3 hr format, but with an emphasis on sparring under sport jujitsu rules. We will roatet sessions around more clubs to increase exposure. What is clear is that we have some tremendously capable fighters, all training in their own clubs but often under MMA, kickboxing, BJJ etc rules, and so the focus will be on developing the ability to play the game under JJIF and WCJJO rules. Fees will be £10, and this will be split with the squad funds and the venue. If anyone is interested in hosting a session, then please get in touch.

Finally, with the increase in the number of tournaments, we are looking to refine our selection processes. This is so that we can help fighters qualify for the highest-level tournaments. We still have an open-door policy, we still want to have as many people as possible at our domestic events. On the bigger JJIF events, we will be looking to select fighters who can represent us as ambassadors in these early days. We will also be looking to encourage more coaches to attend with their fighters, to help them learn and develop.

As a first step for this, we would ask interested fighter to complete the attached form, so we can have a view of our talent pool.

The Directors would also like to thank everybody who has helped and supported us to date – we can see a terrific vision of where this sport can go in the next 10 years and hope you will join with us as we grow this community.


Adam, Mike, Tiny & Paul

The best email for us to contact you
Let us know which events you are interested in competing in
If you train with a club, please let us know who they are
please tell us your fight weight, ideally in Kg's

By adam phillips

Adam is one of the Directors for Great Britain Jujitsu. Winner of several AMA Sports Jujitsu and Grappling National tournaments and has represented the GB Squad 2 times, winning 3 world WCJJO Silver medals and 4 WCJJO Bronze.

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