At GBJJ, we are committed to promoting an anti-doping, clean, sport and instilling this mindset in all our
athletes. Clean sport is a widely-used term in sport worldwide, so we encourage all those with an active interest in GBJJ to support and embrace this.

Anti-doping Education

All athletes, coaches, support personnel, and parents should complete the relevant education modules on anti-doping procedures. These are available on WADA’s online learning hub, . Clubs registered with GBJJ should signpost athletes, coaches, support personnel, and parents to these modules, which will increase awareness of anti-doping principles, helping to create a culture of clean sport and strict liability within GBJJ.

Education Modules

Because clean sport education is the foundation for the spirit of sport, the following modules will provide a minimum level of anti-doping education to the following stakeholders:

Athletes – Talented Athletes Education Programme; National Level Athlete Education Programme; International Level Athlete Education Programme (choose your current level of competition)

Coaches – Coaches of High-Performance Education Programme

Parents – ADEL for Parents of High-Performance Athletes & Athlete Support Personnel Guide to the List*

Athlete Support Personnel – Athlete and Athlete Support Personnel Guide to the List*

*The banned substances list is updated on the 1st January of each year and published by WADA.

Further Information

To support all our members, further details of how to access up-to-date information and training are included below. Should anyone need further support beyond this, please contact our Head of Anti-doping, Samantha Baron, via email: .


WADA ADEL Online Learning Platform – click here to create an account to access WADA anti-doping education. *IMPORTANT* Android users can complete it online or download the ADEL app. iOS/Apple users should download and complete any training on the app using in the URL Platform data field.

JJIF Anti-doping rules – The JJIF Anti-Doping Rules are based on the World Anti-Doping Code and have been adapted to the sport of Ju-Jitsu. Page 69 Article 17 states the importance of education around anti-doping in JJIF.

WADA – click here for further information about World Anti-Doping Agengy

GlobalDRO – use this list to check any medications against the latest WADA Prohibited List of Medications

The WADA Prohibited List – use this link to view the current prohibited list

UK Anti-Doping – click here for up-to-date information provided by UK Anti-Doping Agency

100% Me App – 100% me is just for athletes. It’s UK Anti-Doping education and information programme to help athletes throughout their sporting journey.